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Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk
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**Our NEW Reptile Zoo: TheReptarium.com ** Subscribe To My Daily Vlog Channel!!! Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. I only put out Kid friendly and family friendly Vlogs! I am doing daily vlogs 7 days a week showing my family and my life as a reptile breeder of snakes, geckos, blue tongued skinks & other animals too. I travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! I also breed Leopard geckos and Blue Tongued skinks. Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator.
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Saks Place
Saks Place 12 hours ago
Arms Family Homestead channel has a small dog named Gemma.
Chris Tesch
Chris Tesch 12 hours ago
I really do wonder if Chandler snorts a couple lines before he films…would you be surprised? Lol!
Ray Raz Reptile
Ray Raz Reptile 13 hours ago
I have a girl GHi Cinny etc Named Jules and we named her baby girl which was GHI Black Pastel Gemma an call her Gem 💎
Faith Upp
Faith Upp 13 hours ago
Erik Rager
Erik Rager 13 hours ago
How's lucy
Sheila Patoray
Sheila Patoray 13 hours ago
Can you do a tour of the reptile zoo it’s been a couple months since I watched you
Jasmine Spaulding
Jasmine Spaulding 13 hours ago
So they have an amazing TikTok go check them out!!!!
Jasmine Spaulding
Jasmine Spaulding 13 hours ago
Talking about kinkatopia
i m robie
i m robie 13 hours ago
😆 love Lori! She's a hoot!
Gloria Doty
Gloria Doty 13 hours ago
I think you're showing your feelings toward your babies I said you have a beautiful heart for your animals and I'm proud of you I think it's awesome
5winder 13 hours ago
Say goodbye to your fish... hahaha --- otters will wipe them out.
Christopher Martinez
To the person saying male ball pythons can't go passed 3 feet...... I really should show you my ball python.... whom is happily 5 and a half feet in length and I've had him since he was a youngling in 2007. Mr. Shielah squeezes never and the few times he did, it was forced to show how he couldn't hurt me to people scared of my snake, which they now come over and want Mr. Shielah on their body around their neck, cause I taught them to trust snakes. I also have had a 5 foot retic, before unfortunately, a bad cold spell took spike from me whilst I was away in Georgia and the person I thought would help me take care of him when I was young kind of bailed on me during it :/ spike struck at me alot at first and would squeeze me, but even then he didn't have the strength to get me, so fear of being wrapped? Eh, bigger snake maybe. I get worse squeezes letting people practice holds on me to learn their wrestling grapples and holds and a few submissions. I am firmly to the observation that, yes, they may have wild moment, but snakes and most animals are much more intuitive and keenly intelligent than we give them credit for, cause I can legit, open my snakes cage..... and put my hand to the top of it, he will dart up at my hand and climb up my hand, up my arm, and around my neck and pick up his head, put his face against my face and lips and tongue flick a bit, and chill with me, to the point, my scaley son even falls asleep and yawns on me and my buddies always are like omg that's fucking awesome, cause they all feel I have some weird magic control over animals (which obviously I don't)
John Biggs
John Biggs 13 hours ago
More colubrids
Brandon Upchurch
Brandon Upchurch 13 hours ago
I know this is an older vlog but when I need my fix of vlogs because I can’t wait for tomorrow I rewatch them and to this day am still so annoyed the guy is such a judgmental prick you’re the man and a tough one at that Brian!
Linh Tâm
Linh Tâm 13 hours ago
I miss Monday video .
Katerina Mckinley
Katerina Mckinley 13 hours ago
Where is Bella?
Allo Lady
Allo Lady 14 hours ago
I *hate* misleading images on USlift
random memes
random memes 14 hours ago
Cute shnake
Brandon Searle
Brandon Searle 14 hours ago
Agreed it should be gemma
david vasquez
david vasquez 14 hours ago
Sorry to hear about Taz
Joe Destruction
Joe Destruction 14 hours ago
Wish Bob would have showed some boas. Bob, is a legend!
Petsaremylife 14 hours ago
I love the name Jemma 🥰💕
Christopher Finn
Christopher Finn 14 hours ago
I think I’d be worried about having that corn snake in there with the king snakes. They’re going to eat it.
rebekah phillips
rebekah phillips 14 hours ago
So she’s a salt water
Pamela Moore
Pamela Moore 14 hours ago
Lemon Drop
Alicia Brower
Alicia Brower 14 hours ago
Yes I love Gemma ! She is like a rare gem ! 💎
Brandy Cake
Brandy Cake 14 hours ago
Omg you were in Florida!
nate burns
nate burns 14 hours ago
awesome gemma
i͠x͠y͠ 14 hours ago
shottaboss_246 15 hours ago
where are the white an black throated monitors??
Jonnyboy 15 hours ago
Brian, my corn snake just hatched a little baby without having ever been bred before, what an awesome thing to happen!
Whitney Allen
Whitney Allen 15 hours ago
I have never seen so much ADHD in one room at the same time.
Karen Lander
Karen Lander 15 hours ago
Sevannah 15 hours ago
The background water sounds make it difficult to hear what you guys are saying .. super loud.
Ian Parkinson
Ian Parkinson 15 hours ago
Morning Brian loved the Vlog so much. You are so lucky to have the amazing crew you have. Bruce’s love for Diddy & Dixie, he’s gunna be a proud dad. You’ll definitely have to give him a baby or two. Lol, Jay calling you, “Dad Barczyk “ on he’s phone, he loves you man. Loved the Vlog mate cheers from down under everyone. Love you too Lori great job holding the fort 🦘🦘🦎
Sketch Emmerian
Sketch Emmerian 15 hours ago
My son He is siick
The Reptilian Brazilian
I really like the Emerald Tree Boa shirt but tbh I don't like the "American" tree branch, would be cool to have a simple design
NoNameFame _20
NoNameFame _20 15 hours ago
Also Brian killing the tshirt game. I want one of all!
NoNameFame _20
NoNameFame _20 15 hours ago
davina rabjohns
davina rabjohns 15 hours ago
JORDAN Vargovich
JORDAN Vargovich 15 hours ago
Lori being lost for once was hilarious lol
Mona Howell
Mona Howell 15 hours ago
Joanna Bolam
Joanna Bolam 15 hours ago
You do have a great crew & you have them so well trained that they don’t need you & can carry on when you go out of town. Bruce did a great job of the nesting box & he’s looking so proud too. Jay did well with Gemma as it wasn’t that long ago when he really needed to shadow someone with the bigger snakes. He’s defo grown in confidence. It was lovely to see Lori with the babies & I hope you still have her showing those she’s bred now you’re back. Gemma is an ok name & better than Jay’s suggestion 😂
The Reptilian Brazilian
*Lori opens up a box of ball pythons* Here we have a box of Spiders Me: no those are snakes not spiders 😂 (jk obv)
Akim 666
Akim 666 16 hours ago
That pond isnt big enough for 100 turtles
julie-anne cordwell
julie-anne cordwell 16 hours ago
Lori you did a good job
julie-anne cordwell
julie-anne cordwell 16 hours ago
Awww love the name gemma
Leah ash fan
Leah ash fan 16 hours ago
is macaroni a walter snake
lamborghini 16 hours ago
Sanke age
Susan Scovill
Susan Scovill 16 hours ago
I like the name Doris. She’s a beautiful sunshine yellow. But Gemma is good too. Cheers from Canader eh!
Average Wolf
Average Wolf 16 hours ago
but how do i sex my ball python with no experience ;-;
Kati the Gymnast :
Kati the Gymnast : 16 hours ago
Me: Can I have a ball python? My mom: No Me: Please I will never ask for another animal ever again! My mom: We both know that’s not true
Rue Sparrow
Rue Sparrow 16 hours ago
You've got Lucy...how about Ethel?
JISLH Haskins
JISLH Haskins 16 hours ago
Jema eeeh
Lynette Maskiell
Lynette Maskiell 16 hours ago
Good morning from Australia 🇦🇺
Cheryl Bergren
Cheryl Bergren 16 hours ago
Gemma is a perfect name! Loved your road trip!
Simply FISH Claire Bellamy
Confused did you use the term "freaky" an "weirdo" to describe a genetic abnormality. Perhaps more care needs to be given as I don't want you to upset anyone who may have a cleft palate etc, different isn't freaky or weird. We are all different human an animal. I know that there was no intention to cause anyone to be hurt etc but given your status you need to be setting an example for people to follow etc. Again I am sure wasn't intentional
Brian Vickery
Brian Vickery 17 hours ago
I think it fits her. She seems to be a very personable snake, and having a more human name is so fitting.
Matthew Casada
Matthew Casada 17 hours ago
Brian no offense at all but u can not pull off a V neck t shirt!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
David Bennett
David Bennett 17 hours ago
Do you have a website to order reptiles online? Or one you prefer?
Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chavez 17 hours ago
Ey Lori is good she cool
wed shed
wed shed 17 hours ago
That alligator looks like it could just crawl righ on out
Jari Mitchell
Jari Mitchell 17 hours ago
Hey I just got a question would u have any tamed snakes to sell
Isaac Colunga
Isaac Colunga 17 hours ago
We need Lori to id more snakes I wish I had a wife with as much ball knowledge as Brian’s
Disappointed 31
Disappointed 31 17 hours ago
I love your videos and I finally get to go
Bob Talley
Bob Talley 17 hours ago
Morning Brian. When your gone how do your animals change ? Do any get nervous or stressed because they haven't seen you for a few day's ?
hahhicks 17 hours ago
I hate to be negative but you need to do a better job showing baby. You guy hold them you shakes the camera shakes ,it makes it hard to see them. Need to put them on a black hard surface.
Evilink101 Products
Evilink101 Products 18 hours ago
I got a young male Herman tortoise I need a small female
bodhi secreto
bodhi secreto 18 hours ago
what about banana split
Janafer M
Janafer M 18 hours ago
Macaroni I love it
MidnightSamuraiSake 18 hours ago
I love how dramatic these snakes are
Janafer M
Janafer M 18 hours ago
You should slow down when you're showing the babies snakes
bingerman tooth
bingerman tooth 18 hours ago
this is the total opisite of what i need to know
Its Bang
Its Bang 18 hours ago
Hi Brian my sound like a dumb question but if you don't have holes in your egg box how do the snakes breath when they hatch out?
BloodyScales 15 hours ago
Not a dumb question. Those bins are not air tight, they have enough of a gap between the lid that enough air can still get through. Some people only put 2 holes, 1 on each end, for some air to get in and out.
Rue Sparrow
Rue Sparrow 18 hours ago
Lieutenant Dan 💯💯💯
Jake Mcduffa
Jake Mcduffa 18 hours ago
I’m gana be honest my favorite leperd gecko is my leperd geco his name is killer he’s about 3 years old I wish I could show you a picture
Adeolu Adesina
Adeolu Adesina 18 hours ago
Name her banana or cherry