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Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!


Brian Barczyk

Published on


Jul 16, 2021




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Comments 394   
My Boa is a bigger uslift.info/one/kpvgz5eZm5Wix4Y/video.html
Debbie R
Debbie R 9 days ago
the sandboas kinda look like turds 🤣
Gina Ruthless
Gina Ruthless 9 days ago
I had the chance to take my son last weekend and it was amazing! Thank you! The staff was awesome!
brent hicks
brent hicks 12 days ago
I have a milk but I want a tree boa
Mary Lazaro
Mary Lazaro 12 days ago
How big is the smallest python . can you do a video on all pythons please? Or the snakes that are small as adults?
elbert30 13 days ago
Hey Brian, do you have any rosy boa's?
Brian Jooste
Brian Jooste 13 days ago
Do you have red eyed crocidile skink because they dont produce it in South Africa and my mom said I must get one
Brian Jooste
Brian Jooste 13 days ago
Brian you're the best
nick robinson
nick robinson 13 days ago
Hellofresh doesn't support big family's 😥
Supreme Exotics
Supreme Exotics 15 days ago
Great video! Cupcake is huge!!
Robert Hicks
Robert Hicks 15 days ago
Great video as always keep them coming
HollyAmanda Travelstead
Have you found a name for your new girl? You should really name her Athena. Please!!!??!!!!????!!!!.:)
Corbyn Luce
Corbyn Luce 16 days ago
Are you going to breed your boas
Nathan Shingara
Nathan Shingara 16 days ago
Brian “I’ve never seen one in the wild and dream of it” Dave Kaufman “ hold my beer”
Jordan Phelan
Jordan Phelan 16 days ago
You might have answered my question but can you tell me what a male common boa will get at maximum size
Jonnyboy 16 days ago
Crawl Cay boas have light and dark phases too right?
eric alexander
eric alexander 16 days ago
Why don't he ever reply back to comments . Nerd does
stephanie englund
stephanie englund 17 days ago
all the snakes look really nice
scrubjay93 17 days ago
Excellent episode. I loved seeing the variety of species within the family, finding out where they are from, and all the other fun facts.
jinjin0135 17 days ago
Wow! Sand boas and Viper Boas are very strange looking! My first time seeing the Hog Island Boa and I think those might be the most beautiful!
Adalyn Rose
Adalyn Rose 17 days ago
I got to hold the anaconda when I came up to Michigan ! It was so awesome to be able to hold one! She’s gotten so much bigger!
David Zizelman
David Zizelman 17 days ago
We love the reptarium! Actually live 3 miles away. We were there today(7/18/2021)! My kids love it. I have a huge fear of snakes but this place helps me get over that fear. I didn’t know you can hold Ivy. I think I’d love to try that! My kids are 7 and 5 and love this place! Great to see the reptarium growing, double in size since we went last!!
esteban ornelas
esteban ornelas 17 days ago
We need more boa videos this was great.
SilentSSnakeS 17 days ago
Do you not own an IMG brian?
NiChole Gallo
NiChole Gallo 17 days ago
Brazilian rainbow boas are my FAVORITE!
《dobber 》
《dobber 》 17 days ago
theres one species ya forgot the calabar burrowing pythons are actually boas. Still with how many you have im not surprised something slipped your mind lol.
Tiffany 18 days ago
10:43 name that one banana bread
Ashey Eakin
Ashey Eakin 18 days ago
This video made my heart happy. Only snakes I have are boas. A normal Imperator and a Suriname. 🥰
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 18 days ago
I hve a boa thinking about getting some more
Lara 18 days ago
Brian, could you let the hello fresh people that the codes don’t work in Australia, or maybe say the code is in USA only please. Cause I keep trying it, and getting rejected.
frecpen 18 days ago
The spots on the lens of the close ups make anyone else want to clean their screen everytime they popped up? No? Just me? Lol
Bj THE CROW 18 days ago
Wow Brian Judy watched Justin video and u were in Gainesville and knowing i wanted to meet you and didn't even offer...both u and Justin turned me down at different times because im i don't benefit you..Im 40 not 15... Disappointing
Dawn B
Dawn B 18 days ago
Thank you Brian for sharing all those magnificent Boa’s. Learning more each day on these very educational and informative Vlogs. Take care Brian, Lori and family! God less!
Marshall Weber
Marshall Weber 18 days ago
Awesome Video and Much Love as Always Brian & Crew!!!!
Jennah Thrasher
Jennah Thrasher 18 days ago
Finally got my dumerils fix!! Thankyou 🐍🐍
Brian Dodson
Brian Dodson 18 days ago
Finally some boa love
Matthew Lackey
Matthew Lackey 18 days ago
Drymarchon snake vlog please
Kenny Hutzel
Kenny Hutzel 18 days ago
Brian Barczyk
MAD Veteran
MAD Veteran 18 days ago
Hey Brian love your boa’s man you should do care videos just a thought Brian keep up the good work and I am a big fan of yours from the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 keep the videos coming 👍🤘🏻🤘🏻👍
Matus Magna
Matus Magna 19 days ago
i love emerald tree boa and amazon tree boa
phantommaggotxxx 19 days ago
Sanzinia is my favorite boa.. wish the green ones were more available...
Jenn Cutter
Jenn Cutter 19 days ago
I love boas, I dont understand why mine isn't that big?? Thanx for the boas, I have 2 love there mustaches.
Chels 19 days ago
Boas and carpets pythons are my absolute favorite snakes so this video made me super excited
Charlie Krohn
Charlie Krohn 19 days ago
I noticed you said you really liked the genus Candoia... Well an amazing species in the genus candoia is candoia carinata carinata, they are the indonesian dwarf tree boas. They are super polymorphic and hardly ever bite so they are great for kids to hold!
Phoenix Vedder
Phoenix Vedder 19 days ago
I love your videos and aslo your snakes you have i wish i could have one but were i live will not let me own one
scottishrob1 19 days ago
Enjoyed it! Wish you would have added that the Super Motley was a fatal combination.
Laura Matthewson
Laura Matthewson 19 days ago
Wow they are some beautiful boas.brilliant content on the vlogs recently but I m happy with any thing u put up.looking forward to today's vlog hope u all have a brilliant Saturday.
Crackerate 19 days ago
Wendy Harris
Wendy Harris 19 days ago
I loved this vlog Brian (Carl and the Motley were my favourites) but the background music was the most annoying ever. It drove me insane 🤣🤣🤣 pls don't use that again.❤️
Solid Serpents
Solid Serpents 19 days ago
No Rosy Boas over there huh? That is surprising.
Esteban Cedeño Montoya
Tus videos son geniales saludos desde Costa Rica ojala tengas algún día una boa imperator de acá jaja
Brian Hopkins
Brian Hopkins 19 days ago
I am coming to see you guys with my family and to see the reptarium in September why September because it's my birthday and I thought about having my birthday party at the reptarium I will be 37 years old and maybe get a autograph from you guys and maybe I can hold one of your big snakes
Brian Hopkins
Brian Hopkins 19 days ago
Hi Brian
Marc Côté
Marc Côté 19 days ago
Just got a couple months old dumeril female , hope ahe look as good as yours
Pamela noirot
Pamela noirot 19 days ago
It's amazing the knowledge you have and it just rolls right off your tongue no hesitation, it's like you talk about them every day which we know you don't. I know for fact there are not many people who can rattle off all the names like you do
Sky 19 days ago
Boas are my dream snake 😩. I want a red tail so bad
Holly Doyle
Holly Doyle 19 days ago
did you ever name you beautiful ghost i think alley or Delilah lotus dreamer cream casper
RagingMerc 19 days ago
What chefs knife do you use Bryan?
Christopher Finn
Christopher Finn 19 days ago
I love Boaz. That would be really cool if Brian would get even more varieties. Like some of the California Bowers or West Coast boas such as the ones found in the Pacific Northwest.
Auburn Firelight
Auburn Firelight 19 days ago
I hope to be able to come visit you guys before the year is out. Top of my list to see is Ivy. I just love her!
Cynthia L Bell
Cynthia L Bell 19 days ago
Hi Brian Nice video on. Boa's. My favorite is the Brazilian Rainbow. Such a beautiful snake, and the color and pattern is amazing. 🐍♥️Cindy
M Pdaugherty
M Pdaugherty 19 days ago
Reptile Army 🪖 love seeing the Boas....Thanks Bryan for you dedication. I appreciate you
SawyerSushi08 19 days ago
I know that I’m only 10 and i should be care full since i just moved to the country and my parents dont like snakes and are afraid of them but they keep the rat population and they just dont know how cool snakes are
Amanda'stakeonit 19 days ago
"Most 'striking' boa", no pun intended! haha he's not wrong!
Autumn Bee
Autumn Bee 19 days ago
Ohh I liked the vlog also I loved the intro welcome to the vlog early on not half way or almost done lol!! I also loved all the babies yesterday. I am loving these focused blogs!!! But give me eggs!!! Thanks boys!
Matt Man
Matt Man 19 days ago
All I can say is oh my gosh to all those beautiful boas you definitely fulfilled my Boa needs. And the funny thing is even showed my favorite of them all, and it's your favorite too. the motley.... I'm actually waiting for baby season so I will be getting a baby motley. Have had Boas before and breed them but this one will be for me for a pet only. Love them so much. I bred my motley that was hypo for ghost to a ghost boa and creating a few ghost motleys. Everybody love them but I think the normal Montly looks the best I don't know why. Just me tho lol
devonc1 19 days ago
Please Brian, I need your help. Or Jessica's help Please tell me what my Leo I purchased from a rep show is?
Dan D
Dan D 19 days ago
I love love LOVE this channel ad everyone...... but..... Recently there has been this dot(s) on the camera lens driving me CRAZY lmao, I never want to be negative here but maybe it's on the reflector rather then the lens itself if the camera video?
Matt Man
Matt Man 19 days ago
Before I even start the video I just want to say thank you so much I've been asking for this for I know how many years now I can almost cry with that being said now I'm going to enjoy this video to the fullest
MrKennyaa 19 days ago
do snakes have a sweet spot? like dogs and cats on their backs
Simplyblissfull 19 days ago
Thanks for featuring boas! ❤️🐍
DaVionne Owens
DaVionne Owens 19 days ago
Can you do a whole vlog on drymarchon snakes I would love to learn more about them from you
monsterzeroplayzyt 19 days ago
Sorry for not watching for a year Brian
Wolf W
Wolf W 19 days ago
Brian “to be totally honest with you” Barczyk
bill mateer
bill mateer 19 days ago
Love the boa video I'm so hooked on boa's! Wish I could find a viper or dumerils boas
Saks Place
Saks Place 19 days ago
We have Hogg Island Boa, he is a puppy dog and really a strong snake. He will change from a gray to a pretty salmon color from time to time, pretty neat.
Natalie's Reptiles
Natalie's Reptiles 19 days ago
I love Mr. Nubbins. He actually turned me on to the DRMB, which is now on my wish list to own one day. Til then I'm happy with my BCI boa.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 19 days ago
I think i found your first video snake bite in slow motion
Emma Parker
Emma Parker 19 days ago
Boas always have been and always will be my favorite ❤ yay boa video Also my boa is about the size of cupcake at 8 years old
Jonny Ehnert
Jonny Ehnert 19 days ago
Just bought my first boa. Baby hypo common boa
harry init fuck off
Found this channel probably 2010-2011 well the snakebytes when I was like 8-9 years old. Was the reason I fall in love with hobby and I have corns, royals and blood pythons now. Wouldnt of got them if it wasn't for this guy. And I forgot he existed for longest time kinda feel bad
Wild Bores
Wild Bores 19 days ago
I've been waiting for this video for sooo long!!!! Thank you Brian!!!!!
sleven kelevra
sleven kelevra 19 days ago
I loved this. Thank you for all the info!
Shawn Pippenger
Shawn Pippenger 19 days ago
You answered the question I had at the beginning of the vlog, what’s the difference between boa’s and pythons! Love the entertainment and education!
anthony alford
anthony alford 19 days ago
Awesome video. As a boa guy at heart I loved this video. You should totally make more videos like this showing off different animals
P Jax
P Jax 19 days ago
Happy World Snake Day everyone!!
Mark Mullen
Mark Mullen 19 days ago
The Brazilian Rainbow Boa is INCREDIBLE!!! One of the most beautiful snakes I've ever seen.
Asi&Squeezy Love Diary
My Suriname boa looks like both your gayana and your Suriname lol I have official cities paper saying it's Suriname but now I am not sure lol how to check of just believe the paper
i m robie
i m robie 19 days ago
Super interesting, Brian! Thank you!!! First good lesson on boas for me! 💛🌞🐍
yung malaria
yung malaria 19 days ago
Saw your snakes in person for the first time today, really cool stuff, keep it up
Den M
Den M 19 days ago
Good show Brian, love the boas. Shout out for the surinames.
mark harris
mark harris 19 days ago
Some lovly boas the Brazilian rainbows are one of my favourites , i only have one boa myself a Argentina Rainbow boa which i love not as colourful as other rainbow boas still looks great when the sun rays hit it .
Tessie Garcia
Tessie Garcia 19 days ago
I’ve been watching your blog every day for over two years and today was one of my favorites I just got my first boa he’s a baby still but I love this video thank you for sharing
P. Smith
P. Smith 19 days ago
uslift.info/one/gWLbvrKEzadjmXo/video.html , brian take a look at the baby boa in the video
Trucker Chris
Trucker Chris 19 days ago
So happy you did this video! Love boas! I’ve got four of them. One Super Sharp Sunglow, Sharp Sunglow, Suppose to be a Super Hypo Jungle, and a Hypo BCI. I also have a CostalXJag Carpet Python and a Lavender Albino Reticulated Python I just picked up two weeks ago.
edgarortega 19 days ago
Was hoping to see some Rosy Boas.
marta lech
marta lech 19 days ago
You need a cooking channel Brian 🤣🤣 I think you and your family should have a cook-off and taste each other's food on the next Life podcast 🤣
Joanna Bolam
Joanna Bolam 19 days ago
That was a great vlog today. Fascinating all those Boa’s. I didn’t know you had so many & it was lovely to see them all. I absolutely loved Tiger Lily, what a stunning looking snake. I also didn’t realise that the Emerald tree boa had yellow on it. I was able to see her underbelly which normally we can’t see when they are wrapped around the trees & branches in their enclosure. Even more attractive than I thought they were. Really loved it today Brian. Thank you. x
Ashley King
Ashley King 19 days ago
I've always been a boa fan, thank you for this video. I've had several boas different locals carpet pythons and a few king snakes. Those are my faves, thanks again for the boa video!!
Amy Bean
Amy Bean 19 days ago
Wow!! More gorgeous snakes!! I think that Peter needs to be over at the reptarium, he needs to be seen more!! Actually, you should show them more, and Bella!!