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We have our first litter of baby Garter snakes for the year! I think we are getting closer to starting The Reptarium expansion. JOIN THE MOVEMENT!! www.ReptileArmy.com

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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!


Brian Barczyk

Published on


Jun 23, 2021




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Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
Good Morning Reptile Army! You know that even thought I have had 1750 vlogs on this channel, each and every time I hit the "publish" button I get excited. I cant wait to see what your response to all the hard work put into this vlog is. I just am so thankful to have you guys follow our lives and be a part of it. I cant express my gratitude to all of you enough. Thank you! Remember tonight we have the Checking In podcast tonight over at www.USlift.com/CheckingIn please join us love at 5pm ET. We will have lots of fun topics as well as answer all your questions! Have a wonderful day today and remember to stay positive and kind! See you all tomorrow! Love you all! Brian
Jamel Playz RBLX
Hi Brian I’m a big fan!!:D
Jerrika Potterhead
I know nothing of Ball python morphs 🤣🤣
Jerrika Potterhead
I find live snake births so fascinating, thank you for sharing!
jane british born
Only trouble is Brian wen I kiss this frog Prince Barcyzk he doesn't turn into you 🤔 ill keep trying 😂 Brian Barcyzk 🐍💗
Amber Briggs
Amber Briggs Month ago
Can we see some baby Corn snakes and other colubridae snakes that you have.
Cynthia L Bell
Cynthia L Bell 12 days ago
Hi Brian That was a lot of baby garter snakes, and such a variety of colors. That leg less lizard was so awesome, and pretty, and some nice clutches of eggs. What a nice box from Ireland. Such nice T-shirts, a nice box of yellow dots for Brian. So don't take any, it willI mess up his system. 🐊🦎🐍🐢❤️Cindy
Carrie Eaton
Carrie Eaton 22 days ago
Awesome...another question answered. Male reticulated pythons can rip skin
O'Neill Family
O'Neill Family Month ago
pls do a skink set up
Kali Meeks
Kali Meeks Month ago
When will you have garter snakes for sale
Brett Dvorak
Brett Dvorak Month ago
I always catch garter snakes while I’m working. I actually kept one as a pet. But I normally release them after I catch them. Do you want me to try and send you some?
Alec verse
Alec verse Month ago
He said oh my goodness gracious..lol Brian you are the best I would kill literally kill to have your energy my friend always on the roll always on the move and always talking and you are really great with animals my friend I really enjoy your show and thank you very much for showing us your ability an education on the knowledge of all these reptiles and snakes and stuff it's so cool I used to be afraid of a lot of it but it's very interesting stuff when watching it on your show as you explain a lot about them I really enjoy it thank you..💯😊😊😊
Marshall Weber
Marshall Weber Month ago
Awesome Video and Much Love as Always!!!
Tina Lee
Tina Lee Month ago
Absolutely love it! 👍😁💯
Tina Lee
Tina Lee Month ago
That would make cool earrings or some kind of jewelry, I'm sure you've already thought of that though👍😁 here I go thinking out loud again 😁😂!!???
Tina Lee
Tina Lee Month ago
Congratulations papa 👍😂💯. Maybe when you do the live baby snakes , you should have a deeper Tupperware thing, so they can't go crazy on you, and escape so easily and you're not trying to keep them in the container, even though you're definitely multitasking person Brian LOL. just a suggestion, but my opinion doesn't count, I'm just thinking out loud 😁😬🤔!!??
Nona Baumgardner
Mojave calico, Mojave pinstripe, Mojave yellow belly, Mojave calico pinstripe sounds amazing 😍 Mojave, calico, pinstripe, yellow belly is your all gene jackpot🥰
bang kumis
bang kumis Month ago
Please Bryan you cant stop talking?
Alice Mazzucco
Alice Mazzucco Month ago
Wow that's awesome so many little babies,I would love more grades snakes for my yard. There all beautiful snakes
KHowler Month ago
I have an interesting question. Aren't you already having a parking issue? If you extend the building out in the front, you would lose parking. Or are you able to now put parking in the back with the new expansion?
Sam Carriker
Sam Carriker Month ago
Have you ever been to the Narcisse Garter Snake Dens in Manitoba? I’m fascinated by film of them! It would be so cool if you could go there some time!
erica cihak
erica cihak Month ago
Hi I see stuff is lining up n more n more u talk to ppl everything will line up n u don't have to stress about it n the money will line up right n as u can see stuff works out when u bring ppl in that can help out n I am happy this stuff is working out for u n have a good day
DAISY JOHN Month ago
The morphe is going to be a mohabi yellow belly
Little Howler
Little Howler Month ago
Mama snake at the beginning was like let me out of here! I have to many kids! When she’s separated from them mama snake be like yay woohoo no responsibilities daddy snake has to pay child support for 21 babies
Amy Rose
Amy Rose Month ago
Feel like Brian shouldn't be allowed to pull the live babies on his own😂
Amy Rose
Amy Rose Month ago
@Tina Lee whenever he pulls the live babies they always try and escape😂 Yes 100% joking👍
Tina Lee
Tina Lee Month ago
? Not understanding what you mean by that?? 🤔 Hopefully you mean that in a funny joking way? Because Brian is 100 1000 times capable of handling babies on his own!??? 🤔 So I wasn't sure how to take your comment, I'm just curious?
jinjin0135 Month ago
Those babies are so cute! I love colubrids. I dont remember u showing us the Scott's Garter before. Which other colubrids are u hiding?
yung malaria
yung malaria Month ago
Couldn’t imagine being bit any type of snake with the fistula on my right arm
Tanya Cole
Tanya Cole Month ago
Hi Brian. I’m so excited about the aquarium. Can’t wait to see what you will have. I love watching the egg cutting. Keep up the good videos
Ken A-Day
Ken A-Day Month ago
I LEGIT LIVE FOR YOUR VLOGS. THANK YOU, BRIAN, for being such an inspiration. To all of us. Thank you. ♥️✨
Adi Keplinger
Adi Keplinger Month ago
One day can you get white liped python
Kermit The frog
Kermit The frog Month ago
i found a den of baby garter snakes today im still looking for the mama
Karen Ziglar
Karen Ziglar Month ago
The baby Garrett snakes are so cute!
Karen Ziglar
Karen Ziglar Month ago
Garter ... Sorry!
Chris Jeffrey
Chris Jeffrey Month ago
Hi Brian & fams. Loved all that jumble of babies! Whenever you talk about the expansion, I always think of the weight of all that water & wonder why you don't more the reptiles upstairs & build the aquarium downstairs? I know it would cost money to move what's already there, but surely it would save money not having to reinforce the upstairs for the weight.... Not telling you what to do, but it's something that I've been thinking about. I can't wait to see how it all works out. Btw, I love it when Steve walk the chars along. He's so funny :) Have a great day.
Ashok Parikh
Ashok Parikh Month ago
Hey man you are awesome and live from india I want to see ivy and sunrise
Lou V44
Lou V44 Month ago
You haven’t showed Honduran milksnakes in so long???
Teresa Selby
Teresa Selby Month ago
Last night I had a dream that an Egyptian Cobra bit me. I was walking around my apt in Washington state.
Teresa Selby
Teresa Selby Month ago
High Energy! Did you give then coffee?🤣🐍
You’re perfect to me Lori, inside and out!
I just fell in love with Garter snakes
They’re tiny
Lisa Anderson
Lisa Anderson Month ago
No wonder she had so many babies. Just look at how absolutely beautiful she is!
Love u reptarium 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Farhan Maulana
Farhan Maulana Month ago
Mang menta hiji NU albino kirim ka Bogor Indonesia
Sherree Burr
Sherree Burr Month ago
One spring you’ll have to venture to Manitoba Canada and visit the narcisse snake dens for a garder snake fix
Donald Walker
Donald Walker Month ago
Out of all of the USlift videos that I have watched and study Brian you definitely put the most educated videos out there the attitude the morale of the excitement is very good wish I could have one of these ball python big fan but I’ll see what I can do in the future . Don out of Spring Hill Florida
Jason Irelan
Jason Irelan Month ago
Which one may I have?
Michael Foley
Michael Foley Month ago
Yay for the indigos! They deserve some love and i was meaning to ask you about them when I went to the Reptarium and saw you but i forgot. Looking forward to baby monitors!
Cynthia L Bell
Cynthia L Bell Month ago
Hi Brian Those bsby garter snakes were all so pretty, and such a variety of colors. That motley snake had a nice color, and pattern. That puff neck snake did not want to be held at all. You had some nice clutches of eggs. That tooth from Sunfire was large. It is so nice to be able to read a book to children, and let them touch, or hold a snake. Future reptile army members. Nice gifts from Ireland, those t-shirts were very pretty. Lori's long hair looks very nice. Can you breed two different kinds of garter snakes? Those two were so pretty. Matilda love to walk around. Funny🤣😅that turtle likes it under that stool. You may see that ghost stool move again.🐍🦎🐢♥️ Cindy
sarahxfollers Month ago
yaaaaay! baby snakies 🐍❤
Brickley Reptiles & Exotic Pets
Some really beautiful snakes there 🥰 I done my first paring this year
pumpkinseb666 Month ago
pumpkinseb666 Month ago
Jason Dowell
Jason Dowell Month ago
I’m guessing rattleheaded copper moccasin
Andrew Pratorius
Congrats on getting even more subs.
karrinas Month ago
Brenda Shadley Shadley
Brian you got this keep the faith
Amber Smith
Amber Smith Month ago
Motley skillless corn snake is amazing. Had no idea that existed but they have to look into one. Also it's great to her you talk about the expansion as in the process of being done not the words if we can get it done.
Claires Animal World!
My ball python wont eat should I feed him in his cage instead of a shoe box.
Angel Smith
Angel Smith Month ago
That is a lot of baby snakes
plsrdabk Month ago
Karyl Phan
Karyl Phan Month ago
I love garter and ring neck snakes❣️
Karyl Phan
Karyl Phan Month ago
Amber mostly scales beauty..
Clarky Month ago
Hi everyone at the reptarium. Brian can you do a video on ball pythons and explain to us what what makes a clown ball python a clown and a Lori ball python a Lori and so on is it the markings on the snake that makes them clown and can u tell us what markings to look for that makes that ball python that particular morph just so that when I'm I'm watching your vlogs I can try and guess b4 you tell us what morph it is. Thank u if your able to have the time to see this and get back to me. Have a great day.
Skyla Paige
Skyla Paige Month ago
Love it
Ray Raz Reptile
Ray Raz Reptile Month ago
Garter snakes are amazing and shyt there was a new one on my neck every day growing up lol , until one went down my shirt and mistakenly bit my nipple for a pinkie or something lol My first snake bite was my nipple lmao 🤣 Just realizing this
e2 colorcreations
Do the Garter snakes Musk? The ones I catch in my area Musk really bad.
The Reptilian Brazilian
I guess that little speck on the zoom camera just isn't going away huh?
Kidiidso Idkifi3x
I guess not
Ian Parkinson
Ian Parkinson Month ago
Morning Brian baby garter snakes are gorgeous. Heaps of variety. Have a great day cheers from down under 🦘🦘🦎
Juliet Ullery
Juliet Ullery Month ago
Saw a sloth hammock AD & thought of you. Look up oddity mall for a sloth hammock that a adult can lie in.
Stephanie Silvia
Good afternoon Brian. Look at all those little babies. So cute. Watch out snakes on the loose lol. See you at the podcast. Much love 💕
You guys should get a black boa constrictor that’s my snake 18 foot snake really friendly around my house I let her out and roam around she’s never bitten he hissed at me or anything I bought a 38 gallon fish tank to put her in She is almost fully grown black boa constrictor name Linda
Michelle Stillman
Loving the new giessing game! Miss noy having more clutches being pulled, and babies too!
Kenz Caz
Kenz Caz Month ago
Hope to get out to see you guys sometime. Love you guys! :)
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Month ago
Reminds me when we gave birth to 40 missiles at once They grow up so fast
Luke Denton
Luke Denton Month ago
And that was good I like that
Luke Denton
Luke Denton Month ago
mark buckland
mark buckland Month ago
Hi brian is there a roof u can put on ur building just incase u wont to go up again for 5.0
Avery the Cuban-American
And the babies are already trying to escape...I think their step-mother is Matilda 😂 Build up that confidence! Self confidence is a superpower. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening
Bedrock Player
Bedrock Player Month ago
Koala Meyer
Koala Meyer Month ago
the main tank musst on the Groundlevel for the staatik
Debbie Zemanek
Debbie Zemanek Month ago
Lori seems to be alot more playful and I love that! Keep it up Lori we love you
citlaly chan
citlaly chan Month ago
how do you wash up or clean a snake
Alora K
Alora K Month ago
Awwwwww they’re so adorable!!!!!
crazy4catsRL Month ago
Love the love bearers!!! I’m not super knowledgeable with genetics… pretty confusing since I basically know nothing about it.
Cosmic Scenes
Cosmic Scenes Month ago
Keep that confidence brotha. Sometimes that’s all you need
Zachary Speagle
Zachary Speagle Month ago
Your vlogs are just amazing, hope everyone has a wonderful day‼️
alfie Cole
alfie Cole Month ago
Hi Brian, I’m from cork in Ireland the paddidas shirt means: a paddy is what us Irish are called, I believe it’s from the name Patrick which was very common in Ireland. And it’s mixed with the brand Adidas. Hope you and the team have a fab day !
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones Month ago
My Dad found a snake one day. How do I get the pic too Brian so he can tell me what it is exactly.
Tiffani Mcvicker
You can email bhbreptile or you can even maybe send it to jay on insta. Or even just post it on insta I'm sure someone could help
Carla Brando
Carla Brando Month ago
Hey Brian can we get more footage of when your open?
Car3na Month ago
I wear my American Gothic shirt all the time these are genius designs 👌 I want the Marilyn monitor one lol
MaKaI Month ago
I like animals I just don't want to get bit I like garter snakes one of my favorites
Russell Jardine
Russell Jardine Month ago
Don't like the over breeding with the snakes. U don't over breed dogs cos off what happens to them. For someone that's a animal person u seem to abuse the fact off breeding the animals. Starting to not like this channel now
Russell Jardine
Russell Jardine Month ago
@BloodyScales if you look at what I said. It was not abuse too animals in any way. I said abusing the fact that they can lay twice. Money money money...... 😂 😂 Never said he's not passionate or knowledgeable about something he's spent all his life doing. Breeding anything over and over again for money is just wrong and that's that. So before u jump on with ur bull crap why not read what I wrote first off all. Never said he abused anything..... And it's a free world to think and say what I want..... Its called opinions and they like arse holes..... We all have them..... So back off ur high horse and back down to land of the normal free thinking people
BloodyScales Month ago
Listen, first of all. Dogs are still definitely over bred is some places, so cut it out. 2nd and further more, The Pythons and Boas are only bred once a year. Colubrids are able to breed twice during the season and can lay 2 clutches. Not all of them will have 2 clutches tho. After that they don't breed again until the next year. So it ain't no damn abuse, it's nature and the natural way. There's absolutely no genetic problems with Piebald ball pythons. It's with spider that you're trying to suggest. You gonna have to come better than that around here buddy. You must of learned from the college of FB stupidity. So hit the unsubscribe and move along, Nice try tho.
Tiffani Mcvicker
@Russell Jardine starters there is no brian problems with pies it is spiders. WHICH IS WHY BRIAN DOESNT BREED THOSE! And the animal doesnt always lay a second clutch he bases it off how the animal looks after the first cluth. And the snake doesnt always grab a second time around. He does it the same way any other breeder does and the same way they do it in the wild. Because yes naturally they do breed twice and lay twice. Even in the wild.
Russell Jardine
Russell Jardine Month ago
@Tiffani Mcvicker most animals in the wild won't breed that much as there is not enough food around too do so. So this is a unnatural way to do it for the snake. Some snakes want to breed more but many don't. And u only have to look at what happens to over breeding animals. Like ball pied python that shoe many issues with the brain. He's doing it to produce as many as possible for a business and that's it.
Tiffani Mcvicker
@Russell Jardine he does it the same way they would in the wild.
D J Pythons
D J Pythons Month ago
When I was 10 my first snake was a black garter snake 🐍❤️ second corn 3 rs Ball python's had a Costa Rica boa to
Chase Brunner
Chase Brunner Month ago
All Of Your Babies Are So Beautiful Brian !!!!
April Linnen
April Linnen Month ago
Love your videos I have learned so much from you thank you
Hayley Johnson
Hayley Johnson Month ago
I'm with Josh. I like The Reptarium Aquarium. Or Detroit's Reptarium Aquarium or Michigan's Reptarium Aquarium!!! It does roll off the tongue very nicely!!!!!❤
Parafox Louise
Parafox Louise Month ago
Do we know what ever happened to Eric and Mary? Their channel has gone dormant 😕 I’m sure they are ok just wondering if you’d still see them around.
Tiffani Mcvicker
Eric has got into rc cars recently they post on insta.
Debbie Oakes
Debbie Oakes Month ago
Hi Brian. How is Hellen doing. Haven't seen her for a while. Play safe have fun..
Tiffani Mcvicker
@Debbie Oakes that's okay. It was towards the end of the vlog with jasmine Bruce's snake.
Debbie Oakes
Debbie Oakes Month ago
@Tiffani Mcvicker Don't know how I missed it. I try too watch every morning. Do take care..play safe have fun.
Tiffani Mcvicker
Helen was just in a vlog a few days ago. When he showed my name plaque. Last Saturday I believe
Betty Terry
Betty Terry Month ago
Love the new direction of your vlog,much more variety of reptiles, and still your positive energy 👍👍🐊🐢🦎🐍your passion and concern of reptiles does remind me of Steve irwin👍❤
Mary Lazaro
Mary Lazaro Month ago
Price for garter
Mary Lazaro
Mary Lazaro Month ago
I want a garter snake
Juan Month ago
Brian lol it's like Adidas, from Ireland Paddy Adidas, and instead of the little flower, it's a shamrock
Kellogs Coleman
Kellogs Coleman Month ago
Brian i so miss your channel, i have a whole two months of your video to watch this will be fun🤗, i hope your doing great 😎
Mike Woodall
Mike Woodall Month ago
Anyone else still seeing the same spec of dirt on that one camera!?!? It’s been a week since I first saw that thing!!!! Clean the lenses Brian! Lol
D Hammes
D Hammes Month ago
What would you do brian keep it up I want you to come back every day blogging every morning at 8 o’clock in the morning that’s what comes on in Wisconsin anyways so just wanted to tell you that please come back to daily vlogging
Crystal Smith-Johnson
Man I knew she was gonna strike at the camera and it still scared the shit out of me 🤣
Jackson Rodriguez
Jackson Rodriguez 27 days ago
Jo Terry
Jo Terry Month ago
Thankyou for showing your yellow tail Cribo , I was excited hoping you might show Rico today ! Xxx 🌸💖💕🌸💖💕🌸💖💕🌸💖💕
Christine Schwericke
Watching your videos has made me like reptiles even more! Crushin for sure! Lol Still don’t like spiders!!😄😄
Blox Watch
Blox Watch Month ago
Hi Brian I love your content it gives me a good laugh and some awws too
April Basinger
April Basinger Month ago
I think the Padidas is Supposed to be like Adidas because you’re such a shoe guy!☺️😉😉😉