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Baby Ball python born with an eye issue! Visiting SeaLife Aquarium for ideas on The Reptarium expansion. Will our Frilled Dragons produce eggs this year??
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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!


Brian Barczyk

Published on


Jul 7, 2021




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Comments 547   
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk 29 days ago
Good Morning Reptile Army! Hope your days are going fantastic! Things are certainly heating up here! This week is so packed with things and then we start our travel next week. Im really looking forward to getting out and seeing some amazing animals and amazing people! Feels good to be traveling a bit again. As most of you that have followed me for a while know, I was always traveling in the past, but of course hardly traveled at all this past 15 months. So hopefully the world will continue on the mend and we can start to see all the. places I was looking forward to visiting! For this trip we are off to Florida to visit a lot of friends and see their animals, and then we end the trip in Oklahoma! We will be gone for about two weeks. The only thing that stresses me a little is there is so much going on back here with baby snakes hatching and eggs still being laid. But Lori and the crew will be here to hold the fort down! So get ready for adventures! Thanks for always following me and supporting me! Love you guys a lot! Brian
Thomas S bulivan
Thomas S bulivan 28 days ago
Shouldn't be breeding spider genes!
BOOGZ MAY 28 days ago
You would absolutely love coming to Toronto Canada and going to Ripleys aquarium it’s something you’ve never seen before I guarantee you and you’d have so many ideas.
Ronald Scott
Ronald Scott 28 days ago
Hi Brain barczyk I'll take the snake if it goes blind just let me know how much u will charge me for it I'm in the process of getting a tank for it thanks RJ
Tiffany Cannon
Tiffany Cannon 28 days ago
Good morning Brian from Australia 🇦🇺. Love the Aquarium footage. What a great family adventure.
LetShadowsPlay !
LetShadowsPlay ! 28 days ago
I would love to take special care of that cutie with a bad eye! What a sweetie ❤
Jessica Conwell
Jessica Conwell 5 days ago
I just adopted a pastel het fire male and he was born with both of his eyes similar. Its to bad but he is very active and sheds great I hope he has a great long life. If you guys ever need a home for impaired animals my home is always open.
Mitch's Glitches
Mitch's Glitches 11 days ago
I would gladly be a home for the baby with the bad left eye just contact me on here and we can exchange info
DirtxRider333 12 days ago
Its funny seeing you move over into the aquarium world. That's where I started and your videos pulled me into the reptile world.
Dreamer Craft CORNER
Ahh poor baby. hope it will be ok
National Geographic ish behind the screen
Brian you should check out the u tube channel snake discovery
National Geographic ish behind the screen
I will take a one eyed snake I love it 🙃☺️❤️😊😝✌️🙏 if it ends up with one eye it just gives it character and makes it even more cute!
Alicia Dooley
Alicia Dooley 22 days ago
That one with the eye issue is a beautiful snake. If you do end up rehoming I would be interested as well.
Suzanne Ratliff
Suzanne Ratliff 23 days ago
I would Love to take the blind snake,I have so much love to give her!
GoddessLove Remedies
Even if that baby looses it's eye I would love to have that baby and the one with the shark under bite.
Frankie Mendez
Frankie Mendez 24 days ago
I would be honored to rehome that ball pythons i rescue reptiles I d love to give that animal a loving home
Eilish Farnan
Eilish Farnan 25 days ago
I can't remember which Aquarium it was but it was one in Australia that had a fish tank inside a car. There was fish swimming inside the car. You could even walk around the car. I know there was a reason behind it something todo with pollution or something.
Eilish Farnan
Eilish Farnan 25 days ago
I don't like I explained it right. Not a tank inside the car but the car itself was the fish tank.
Derek Davis
Derek Davis 26 days ago
I'm ready for some egg cutting..
Cody Alley
Cody Alley 26 days ago
I would love to rehome it if it's possible we have been looking for a animal that needs a home
Jordan Phelan
Jordan Phelan 26 days ago
Hey brian I'm very very very interested in that ball python with the bad eye! Please message me back and let me know what the rehoming fees would be
Victoria Horton
Victoria Horton 26 days ago
You should visit Wonders of Wildlife at BassPro in Springfield, MO
keith k.
keith k. 26 days ago
Oh what about golden eye for a name
XXX El Chapo
XXX El Chapo 26 days ago
Name him Patchy the pirate 🥰😌
Båarel 27 days ago
do snakes blink? just a question 😅
Patty OBrien
Patty OBrien 27 days ago
Helen...Keller. Lol
Gamez Masters
Gamez Masters 27 days ago
hi durca akka
Kelsey Petersen
Kelsey Petersen 27 days ago
Omg Brian I love you I’d love to take in that baby snake it’s beautiful I could give it all the love I live in Michigan by cj Barrymore’s
jennifer bickerstaff
i have a question why do my pet turtles hide in their shells when i touch their shells?
Mo Fo
Mo Fo 27 days ago
Noah looks like he should be wearing a cape and top hat while tying a damsel to the train tracks...
Mo Fo
Mo Fo 27 days ago
My purple headed snake only has one eye and he has been doing just fine...
Tera Jackson
Tera Jackson 27 days ago
I would absolutely love to have that baby snake! I am blind in one eye and only have about 10-15% vision in the other! I Have a rare hereditary eye disease called ADNIV. There are only 2 families in the United States known to have this. I have been looking to buy a ball python for quite some time now, I just can't decide on what I want! That precious little baby seems perfect for me!
Bubblewrap 27 days ago
I lost my left eye last week; I love him so much already!!!
Chloe Mendoza
Chloe Mendoza 27 days ago
Ever since I watched these vids I love snakes
chitterman 1983
chitterman 1983 27 days ago
I think that eye makes the snake more. Aslong as it does not turn neurologic i feel it will be amazing. I would love to have that snake i would never breed it i would never give it away. My family has been waiting to add a snake to ours we have lizards turtals fresh water fish salt water fish we have birds dogs we just need a snake. With my wife and i it would already get lots of love i have 7 kids that would give it even more love. Please keep my family in mind sir brian i would take care of thw snake like my own children. O think it is perfect the way it is
Jessi Stein
Jessi Stein 27 days ago
I would love to adopt that little guy with the eye issue. Do you know a price that you would want for him? I promise he would be treated like the treasure that he is. I’m please keep me in mind I have been looking for my next pet snake as my red phase corn boy passed 10 months ago.
Victoria Shenefield
Brian I would love to have that little snake. I have taken care of multiple snakes and lizards with medical conditions
Yankee redneck
Yankee redneck 27 days ago
Hey when I was a kid I had an accident while fishing and my line got caught under Bri and I was trying to Jiggle It Loose and the stinker came flying back and smacked me in the eye and scratched my cornea I had to wear and eyepatch for a few months I would love to rehome that snake she is beautiful I have 6 ball pythons one garter one rat snake a bearded dragon fire skink I breathed four different types of isopods dubia roaches Lobster roaches and Madagascar hissing cockroaches and African soft fur mice albinos not albinos they're all awesome
Flip-flop-the-frog 27 days ago
I want the snake with the eye problem. Email me! Kgross0807ry@gmail.com I will pay I just love you and been begging my husband to bring me to see you and your zoo. I have been waiting for the perfect animal for my first snake and I feel like it’s this one.
Annie Oakley
Annie Oakley 27 days ago
I'm SO stoked to see Lori smiling & happy lately in your videos! Looks like things are changing for the BETTER! AWESOME vibes guys!!!
Susan Tabor
Susan Tabor 27 days ago
Springfield, Mo Bass Pro Aquarium is a must to see.
Kaleigh Nall
Kaleigh Nall 27 days ago
That green long nose fish is called a long nose green rase
Johnathan Jones
Johnathan Jones 28 days ago
I want the baby ball python ! Its so adorable !
Galeia Williams
Galeia Williams 28 days ago
Hey brian. I would love to have your special baby if u would give me a chance. I will love him and he will never want for anything. Please contact me.
Galeia Williams
Galeia Williams 28 days ago
Just say yes and i will send u my address
RasenIsLive 28 days ago
It's been 4 years and I still butcher your last name
John Agen
John Agen 28 days ago
Keep it just reptiles! !!! No, no, fish!!!!
pumpkin&chow 28 days ago
👍👍great video again and love frilled dragons mine is such an amazing lizard definitely on of my favorites so check her out if anyone is interested
Horiana Haturini
Horiana Haturini 28 days ago
4 A's... All Animals Are Amazing!!!
Nathan Morris
Nathan Morris 28 days ago
Stop cross breading you Muppet
Ray Raz Reptile
Ray Raz Reptile 28 days ago
I had the same thing happen last year , except both eyes had it , and we tried everything, vet gave us some medicine but did absolutely nothing for her so she’s one of ours forever
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un 28 days ago
Ah yes, the lionfish... the most dishonest creature in the ocean
im really a big fan i have been talking my mom into leting me come down there to see all the animales i really love snakes but she is not sure i am trying to help with the money right now nut we have hardly any but i hope i can
Ian Parkinson
Ian Parkinson 28 days ago
Hi Brian hope the little snake is ok & goes to a good home. Cheers from down under everyone 🦘🦘🦎
Brenda Shadley Shadley
Noah look's like that Mario dude that moustache and puffy LMAO lawd
Avery the Cuban-American
That "Pinocchio fish" is actually called the unicornfish, from the genus Naso But I'm gonna start calling it the Pinocchio fish from now on
MH electro
MH electro 28 days ago
Go reptile army
Little Wildlife Explorer
I wish i could come to the reptariom but i am in india
Byrd Thegreatbeast
Byrd Thegreatbeast 28 days ago
Is the eye issue possibly from egg cutting? Did the bacteria, or whatever caused the infection sneak in then?
Jodi Wynne
Jodi Wynne 28 days ago
Can Popeye come to Australia if you rehome it?
Auburn Firelight
Auburn Firelight 28 days ago
I wish you guys could go see the GA aquarium. It's amazing. One of my favorite areas has tanks over head and on either side of you. It's like you are walking along the bottom of the middle of a riverbed.
Brian Hopkins
Brian Hopkins 28 days ago
Hi Brian
Addicted to Plastic
@Brian Barczyk If you end up haveing to adopt out the one that may lose its eyes I would love to offer it a forever home.
Little Wildlife Explorer
I love every animals just like you
Samantha Adams
Samantha Adams 28 days ago
Aww I think that baby with the damaged eye Is beautiful just the way it is, it seams very active an other wise looks very healthy. i wish I could have him/her, But I really hope it gets better tho if it dosent cause it’s an infection will it have to lose the eye completely? If so I think it’s still perfect it’s just so cool an beautiful looking bongo is one of my few fav ball python gene out there 🐍
Little Wildlife Explorer
Realy its amazing to visit an aqariam in one aqariam i saw large shark and one thing is my favorate reptile is pithons
Chris Rosario
Chris Rosario 28 days ago
Keep all deform snakes . Name him left eye after left eye from tlc .
Cynthia Fitton
Cynthia Fitton 28 days ago
I like the fun trips with you, Even if a quick trip to an aquarium. I know you always say you’re a reptile guy, but I always think reptiles and aquariums go together. They both use tanks style enclosures and I think fish and reptiles are just a natural combination
Ashley Hall
Ashley Hall 28 days ago
Oh @7:04-7:07 I always wanted to ride one of those animals cause they had it on an episode on Bob’s Burgers!!! Lol 💗💗💗🍔🍔🍔💗💗💗
Jarod McMichael
Jarod McMichael 28 days ago
I’d love to care for the injured or (hopefully not) disabled snake!!!
Moondog43 28 days ago
I really think you need to be a auctioneer you talk to fast
SYRUXZ 28 days ago
Poor snake
Peggy Radeck
Peggy Radeck 28 days ago
You need to get some jelly fish
evelyn berkey
evelyn berkey 28 days ago
Should talk to the “Tanked” guys in Vegas
Arrien Tallyn
Arrien Tallyn 28 days ago
Hey Brian I was wondering if I could get in contact with you about one of the butter corn snakes I bought. She’s doing great but would love to know if you had a hatch date and if I could receive a picture of her parents. I have her number that came on the top of her shipping container if that’s needed. Thanks so much for Sunna she’s already eating two pinkies!!
BloodyScales 28 days ago
You should dm Jay on IG. I think that'll be a faster response.
Harry Phillips
Harry Phillips 28 days ago
Brian when you say you have 10 Womas, please show us! I'd love to see your adult boa and pythons, all of your BRB's, Carpets, Blackheads/Womas, etc.! More adult breeder snakes please!
Mike Gibson
Mike Gibson 28 days ago
Brian dont use that place for anything other than what not to do its sucks
samasia skipperable
Julie N Jackson
Julie N Jackson 28 days ago
love the sea life aquariums they have lots of useful knowledge
Cynthia L Bell
Cynthia L Bell 28 days ago
Hi Brian Those were some beautiful baby snakes. I hope that the one with the bad left eye makes it. Helen is looking good with no eyes. That aquarium was awesome. I bet you have good ideas for your aquarium. What a nice place for children, and adults to visit. That woma snake was so pretty, love the pattern and color. Mark told Noah to check out the new snake, it was pretty, but hyper. You should make a blog of it eating an egg. I don't think Noah liked it. Those coral snow snakes were very nice, so pink.🐍❤️Cindy
Zig Zag
Zig Zag 28 days ago
Everyone must stop this inbreeding. Those animals are suffering horribly because of genetical problems 😢 My heart is criying to see this.
Monica Little
Monica Little 28 days ago
It could be inherent, it could be my breeding! Who knows,.. 👌🏻🙄
BloodyScales 21 day ago
@Monica Little Damn, still no response👀
Monica Little
Monica Little 28 days ago
@BloodyScales ...Ok Bloody 🤘🏻😎
BloodyScales 28 days ago
@Monica Little See always make you smile. See ya later Little🤘😎
Monica Little
Monica Little 28 days ago
@BloodyScales ,..Haa! 😁
BloodyScales 28 days ago
@Monica Little Woah! Did you have to laugh that loud😂😂 And yes, some eye rolling does make the head shake😎
Monica Little
Monica Little 28 days ago
Most people take their snakes with a bum eye,.. TO THEIR VET!
Freya Blight
Freya Blight 28 days ago
Awe!!! Cute lil boop noodle! I hope it finds a home that adores every moment with that boop noodle!
Brianna B
Brianna B 28 days ago
I want the baby with the eye problem. I have an extra bioactive pvc enclosure.
wezen.2.snakes 28 days ago
I would still love having that one with the eye issue It's a gorgeous snake.....
Yuga Hara
Yuga Hara 28 days ago
Aliseah Martin
Aliseah Martin 28 days ago
You should go to odyssey aquarium next!!
Dylan Rogers
Dylan Rogers 28 days ago
I want that snake with the bad eye i want a python so baddddd
Christie C
Christie C 28 days ago
You said you are travelling around to different aquariums for inspiration, Dallas World Aquarium is a must see if you are ever down in Texas!! =)
Jessica mendoza
Jessica mendoza 28 days ago
I would love to adopt that beautiful baby. Keep me in mind.
Noah Collins
Noah Collins 28 days ago
please let me have popeye!!! i have plenty of room in my rack, and it’s a hybrid to change enclosure size as size progresses. eventually popeye will be in my sons room since he shares the same love as me at only 4 years old
Dan Velez
Dan Velez 28 days ago
I would love to have that snake as pet its still a beautiful snake 🐍🐍
Christopher Finn
Christopher Finn 28 days ago
10:12 This one has a hand flipping the F bird on its head. Lol
M Cook
M Cook 28 days ago
What about doing a tank for the anaconda where you go up in the middle and make you fill like your in the tank with the snakes.
Critical Master 420
Yuzu like the Japanese fruit,name for new snake
jacksonlovett2 28 days ago
The woma python was very interested in Brian, tongue flicking like "hey you, gimme kisses"
Marshall Weber
Marshall Weber 28 days ago
Awesome Video and Much Love as Always!!
Jouseph Custodio
Jouseph Custodio 28 days ago
My favorite fish is mantis shrimp🥊🥊🥊
Madison Raynor
Madison Raynor 28 days ago
Joanna Bolam
Joanna Bolam 28 days ago
I’m really loving you talking more about the animals like where in the world they are from etc. Great seeing the Aquarium trip & it seemed to inspire all of you. I’m really loving the variety you are showing in the vlogs. The only complaint I have is, they’re too short 😂
carptpythn 28 days ago
We visited Sea Life in August when we traveled to see you. I could not believe everything they had there. Great little aquarium.
Brian ive always been like "ew snakes no get them far away from me" but ive been watching lots of your videos the past few days and now im starting to come around, im still not getting a pet snake but ive always thought about a smaller lizard and this makes it more intriguing So what im saying is thank you for making it easy and fun to learn about reptiles
Oh also im in love with Drogo, he is so adorable
JessicaRose S
JessicaRose S 28 days ago
If he loses his eye and you keep him! Name him one eye jack!!!!
Deslyn Stanger
Deslyn Stanger 28 days ago
Hi Brian. I am absolutely over the moon for that beautiful baby with the bad eye. I would be absolutely thrilled to have it come live with me! I would give that little baby so much TLC and love and care for it forever! It probably would never even be in its cage LOL I so seriously want to be considered an adoptables snake mom if possible. Thank you.
AmAyANiQuOlE 28 days ago
If it doesn't correct itself I would LOVE to have that cutie pie. 🥰🥰🥰
AZ R4IDER12 28 days ago
Yoo that aquarium looks like one of arizonas aquariums!