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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!


Brian Barczyk

Published on


Jun 28, 2021




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Comments 222   
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
As you guys know there's no Vlog on Monday, but I will leave you with a little White Cobra paying time! Jasmine is an amazing Cobra and she sure knows how to put a show one! So you guys know, I usually work on the day that I am now taking off the vlog, but I just don't film. It gives me a day to rest my creative mind and just work on the things that I need to work on. So today I have company and I will be entertaining all day on top of working on reptiles and having a good day. I truly do miss the vlog on Monday and am far from adjusted to not having it. But its the right call and I am sure somehow its helping me now be as overwhelmed with so many things. Hope you all have a great day and enjoyed this short clip! Love you all and I promise I will see you tomorrow with a banger of a vlog! You guys will love it! We travel to Indiana to get a new giant Lizard for The Reptarium! Stay tuned! Brian
jane british born
Brian if u see this iv been told you dont understand me half the time .. nor do i & I'm British 😂
jane british born
We Appricate wot ever u offer us Brian N the fact u still wana reliever to us on your day off says alot about u ! Kind considerate thoughtful you wear your heart on your sleeve Thankyou for everything u give us x
Hurricane HEE HEE
I came back after many many years Brian, you are still amazing
Olli-Pekka Viitanen
@Becky Gallant well I'd rather see Brian take 2 days off from the vlog and make 5 good videos. Not forcing himself to burnout with this Vlog channel. But I understand, he craves the interaction between subscribers.
Becky Gallant
Becky Gallant Month ago
@Olli-Pekka Viitanen he is doing the shorts so he can interact with his fans. He is doing it for us!
violinmaestro knight
You need Jesus watch Cleveland street preachers
Kiki Rose
Kiki Rose 7 days ago
Is that the one that has been devenomed?
Zeno 9 days ago
That Cobra is so beautiful
Ericka Torres
Ericka Torres 10 days ago
So beautiful...
Fire Fixing
Fire Fixing 11 days ago
Did she actually try to bite it or did she just hiss at it?
JayeBentley 14 days ago
Idk why but this shit is funny lol
Laura Ducker
Laura Ducker 15 days ago
Louis Der fn Kid
Louis Der fn Kid 15 days ago
I ❤️snakes
WAYNE COTE 16 days ago
IDIOT'S,,its all fun an games until someone gets bitten!!
helluva good drawer
Carmen Roman
Carmen Roman 19 days ago
Beautiful cobra❤️
Rosemary Mooney
Rosemary Mooney 20 days ago
Cant get mo fone of this vdieo
Birbo Pikle
Birbo Pikle 23 days ago
Omg, that little bite. It wasn't even trying that hard.
Orochi Jr97
Orochi Jr97 23 days ago
The Cobra is a member of the KKK. 🤣😂
7775dawn 23 days ago
Plot twist , he bites the other hand or turns and bites the cameraman hahah
Noeme Novaesdossantos
Cobra terror
Fabianagata Linda
Cuidado com essa cobra que pica
ErdriedDeirdre Month ago
That is one beautiful creature!
Kang Yayan
Kang Yayan Month ago
and then he realize, he slowly breaks cobra's thooth with this test.
The Duke Of Flem
The Duke Of Flem 16 days ago
It’ll be fine snakes will shed teeth throughout their lives.
The Cosmo galaxy
It’s cute lol
Dylan Jackson
Dylan Jackson Month ago
i ssssee
Cesar,Jr Ramos
Cesar,Jr Ramos Month ago
Wow,very beautiful cobra
Abigail McCormick
I was really hoping you wouldn’t do the SHORTS videos like everyone else, I hate them
Jays Wet Pets
Jays Wet Pets Month ago
Do update on koi
MaKaI Month ago
Look up there is no unemployment crisis on USlift by xkcdhatguy
Owe Month ago
That soo cool!
ThunderRain Month ago
Beautiful cobra!
Brickley Reptiles & Exotic Pets
They are so pretty, it’s a shame they are also so mean lol
Jacob Steyaert
Jacob Steyaert Month ago
Thanks to you Brian, I’m going to chase my dreams. Purchased my first ball python (she’s a super coral glow pied). Keep up the great work and keep on inspiring!
Jeffrey Christopher
I’ve been looking for a Lucy mon cobra for months with no luck everyone is sold out they say as soon as there born
andrea k
andrea k Month ago
She is so beautiful
생물도둑 Month ago
I love that cobra. Cobraaaaaa
karen gaming 2.0
Late reactions
Jackson Rodriguez
Hello Karen
BeeJay Saves The Day
Hi Brian! I ordered a Pueblan Apricot Milk from you in Feb 2018 and I wanted to report that he's doing amazingly! He's beautiful - an eager eater since day one and very well-bodied. He's curious and exploratory and he comes right up to the door of his 'bachelor pad' when he sees me. When I open the hatch, he crawls right into my hands. He's never bitten me - he doesn't even strike, snort, or hiss. I love him! Thank you for doing such a stellar job breeding quality animals and thank you for sharing all your expertise. Cheers!
Skyeisha Hawkes
Skyeisha Hawkes Month ago
I think we missing the fun you had with nolan and chanellege with Eric
Moon Storm
Moon Storm Month ago
It’s so pretty!!
gail1919 Month ago
I miss miss the vlog so much
Jerrika Potterhead
Good morning Brian! I say goodmorning at almost 2 pm cuz i work overnights and just woke up 😆😆 i cant wait to see what the new lizard is!! Also, only a couple weeks until Florida and I really hope to see you guys!!
K8 B
K8 B Month ago
Yeah, sure, piss off the cobra...
BloodyScales Month ago
The only sure thing is you know nothing.
Bosshamms Month ago
Why do cobras do that to any object in front of them instead of realizing it’s not an animal and going for you instead?
Tempest2103 18 days ago
Cobras track prey/threats based on movement
Princess Shaebutta
Princess Shaebutta 19 days ago
Their vision is based off of movement
TorvoTerror Month ago
Because they’re trying to defend themselves not kill outright
cheese Month ago
“Dying but with movement” -Faide
João Davi Barbosa Gobert Damasceno
Albino or leucism?
João Davi Barbosa Gobert Damasceno
Or is it Just Its Normal Color?
Rayvohn Seymore
Rayvohn Seymore Month ago
I don’t know why but that was so cute when she pounce on the thing
Jaz Parks
Jaz Parks Month ago
I was just thinking "that was awful cute for something that would be very bad".
I'm the MEGMA
I'm the MEGMA Month ago
captainpabs Month ago
Seeing these shorts reminds me of the boom town rats
Hayley Johnson
Hayley Johnson Month ago
My Monday's suck now with you not in them!!!! But what I think I'm gonna do is start watching an old episode every Monday! Maybe that will help. 😉
Luiii Billl
Luiii Billl Month ago
What's the point of provoking it?
BloodyScales Month ago
Some species of cobras are sight oriented. Anything that moves they instantly perk up, like a "what's that" reaction. Just like some cobras in India. They aren't dancing to music, they are just following the slight movements of the person playing the instrument.
Tiffani Mcvicker
They do it to show it. Like for example a lot of people say these are bad snakes and they attack for no reason. But that's not the case they strike on something because it comes into their environment. So it's a learning thing for people
Natalie Mcconnell
Hey Brian!I have an 11-month-old female leopard gecko and she didn’t eat for a few months and she just started eating two months ago. I still kind of have to force-feed her though and I really want to breed her and I’ve done so much research but I’m scared to! So please help me with this thank you
Jen Foreman
Jen Foreman Month ago
If she's 11 months old and you still have to essentially force her to eat then I wouldn't breed her. You would need to be prepared for the possibility that you end up having to care for more geckos for their entire lives that just refuse to eat. Good luck with whatever you choose though. :)
duditto Month ago
Cobra be like Oo it hurts
Clistia Robinson
Brian i hope you are having a great day. The cobra is beautiful. I will see you on the vlog tomorrow much love
Jay Bird
Jay Bird Month ago
I keep forgetting Damniiiiit ...! But , I respect you getting rest brother . Peace and blessings
PSilence 01
PSilence 01 Month ago
I want one
FeistyMandrill 3
What a bite!!!
Dreamcatcher 802
It went "hhhhiiiiisssss"
Brian Hopkins
Brian Hopkins Month ago
Hi Brian
Rosie.Johnson Month ago
Scary 😅😂
Hello great short video Brian
Kristin Johnson
Kristin Johnson Month ago
Monday is just such a bad day anymore. Love you guys... It's just even worse as a Monday, now.
supergamer 9000
supergamer 9000 Month ago
Hi reptile man can you do a video about axolotls please
benjamin wright
benjamin wright Month ago
Bim Bam! Good morning Reptile Army! She's such a beautiful danger noodle.
Roberta Jordan
Roberta Jordan Month ago
Brian you should check out the tik tok video about the gorillas that find a snake in their enclosure at Disney! I love watching your videos. Hope you have a great day!@
MrSimpleman123 Month ago
Good morning, hope you have a great day man.
Duke City Gaming
Good morning, that’s a beautiful cobra 🐍
Molly Cupitt
Molly Cupitt Month ago
I love snakes
josh scritchfield
Hi jasmine
The Brick of Random
Morning and I hope you have an awesome day
Kenz Caz
Kenz Caz Month ago
What a wonderful little critter. I would love to work with venomous reptiles one day. But need TONS of education and apprentice type work before I would ever. Have a great day! Enjoy the day off!
chinhua chong
chinhua chong Month ago
Sadly,there's no vlog:(but it's OK!!!
Dylan Patel
Dylan Patel Month ago
Very nice white cobra ya got there
Daisy Mae Rabbitry
Morning Brian happy Monday! She sure is a pretty snake!
Yahyaツ. Month ago
I really like white snakes they look amazing! 🤩
chinhua chong
chinhua chong Month ago
The Brick of Random
Can you respond to this comment
The Brick of Random
I meant Brian
chinhua chong
chinhua chong Month ago
The Brick of Random
I love your videos
Starlight Moonblood ✨🩸
Sooooooo cool
chinhua chong
chinhua chong Month ago
It is soooooooooooo cool
sammie young
sammie young Month ago
That is the true definition of a hell nope rope!!
John Phillips
John Phillips Month ago
Hello captain 🖖🏼🐢🦎👍🏻
chinhua chong
chinhua chong Month ago
Herr Thunberg
Herr Thunberg Month ago
is she the same kind of cobra as "kilo" the one that Tyler Nolan has. ? i love white cobras . they look sooooo cooooooool!!
koic2011 gameing channle
morning reptile army
Neerav Maharaj
Neerav Maharaj Month ago
he attacked in lowercase
BloodyScales Month ago
@Tiffani Mcvicker I did, I got to the video super late like 10 p.m. He still hasn't responded tho. Must be too busy living a little child's life, calling grown women "little mama"🤣🤣
Tiffani Mcvicker
@BloodyScales lmfao I totally get that. I think the main one I expected to see you on was the one saying they just wanted to see animals and no one cares about his mental health or something like that
BloodyScales Month ago
@Tiffani Mcvicker Sometimes some people literally confuse me and I just leave them.😭
Tiffani Mcvicker
@BloodyScales there was a few yesterday I thought I would see you comment back to but you didnt 🤣
BloodyScales Month ago
@Tiffani Mcvicker Yeah, pretty dry today. I did find one on IG tho. Tomorrow we feast!😂😂😂
chinhua chong
chinhua chong Month ago
Love that snake.
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
Me too!
Jenny Tillery
Jenny Tillery Month ago
Mornin y'all! She's no Lillith, but very pretty indeed!
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
Randy Norman
Randy Norman Month ago
Day 176! Hey Brian I hope you have a amazing day today. Can't wait to see some of them babies! #ReptileArmy out!
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
Have an awesome day Randy!
chinhua chong
chinhua chong Month ago
That white cobra is soo cute!!!what's the cobra name.
chinhua chong
chinhua chong Month ago
What a cute name.
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
This is Jasmine!
dihela thennakoon
ohhh that cobra is white as snow
H2o Ant
H2o Ant Month ago
If it was the winter and snowing I would be scared to go out for a snake like that.
Sherry Tapp
Sherry Tapp Month ago
Good morning, Brian! What an awesome spectacle of nature is the white Cobra! Dancing and waiting for the opportunity to strike! Hope you enjoy your day off today! We sure miss you! See you back in the same spot tomorrow morning!
Sherry Tapp
Sherry Tapp Month ago
@Brian Barczyk Is she Bruce’s? Seems like name Jasmine is from Bruce’s collection of hots.
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
She is pretty amazing!
Liam Dardagan
Liam Dardagan Month ago
Hey Brian absolutely beautiful
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
Thank you
Elias Suorsa
Elias Suorsa Month ago
Good morning Brian! I totally forgot it was Monday, which means no vlog. But I do enjoy the short videos too! Probably gonna go fishing soon, even though I never catch anything.
Tiffani Mcvicker
@Elias Suorsa lol keep trying you will catch a fishy!!
Elias Suorsa
Elias Suorsa Month ago
@Tiffani Mcvicker haha, too bad they aren't pikes and perches
Tiffani Mcvicker
@Elias Suorsa plants are SOMETHING 🤣🤣🤣
Elias Suorsa
Elias Suorsa Month ago
@Tiffani Mcvicker trust me, I never catch anything other than plants
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
Have a great day man!
jane british born
Love it !!!!! Happy Monday Brian : ) x
jane british born
@Brian Barczyk Thankyou N I love u dearly Brian! X
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
Have a great Monday too Jane!
Roger Month ago
Morning Brian you and the Reptarium crew have a great Monday !!
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
Morning and you too!
brian i love your videos and beacause of you I am a reptile fan
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
Thank you so much
Melissa F.
Melissa F. Month ago
Good morning Reptile Army. Hope everyone has a great day
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
Morning and you too!
Tiffani Mcvicker
Oh and I emailed the reptarium email about possibly canceling my tickets Saturday and putting that money towards a tour with you. Because I have to leave Saturday before the reptarium opens.
Tiffani Mcvicker
@Jerrika Potterhead I know
Jerrika Potterhead
@Tiffani Mcvicker you wont get there thursday afternoon unless you guys are leaving super super early.
Tiffani Mcvicker
@Brian Barczyk and I have tickets for friday on my actual birthday and than Saturday for one hour but we sadly have to leave before 4 🥰
Tiffani Mcvicker
@Brian Barczyk I will get there sometime thursday afternoonish and leave Saturday probably around noon.
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
When are you actually getting in?
Demon boy 190109
Hi and have a great day yay today I did not forgetabout the short lol and I hope everyone’s day goes well and good morning or night
Tiffani Mcvicker
@Demon boy 190109 yes I watch the comments a lot. I'm glad you enjoy my comments and my snaps on the Carol's out there :)
Demon boy 190109
@Tiffani Mcvicker it’s cool and you see the comments so much and I love reading your comments and how to comment on those people who come here to hate in Brian.
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
Have an awesome day as well!
Tiffani Mcvicker
I still did.... I'm just not use to it yet. 😩🤣
trevor knundsen
trevor knundsen Month ago
Instead of shorts, it'd be pretty cool if your off day was like bloopers or B roll. Something that wouldn't take as much work. Just a thought.
Brian Barczyk
Brian Barczyk Month ago
Editing takes most of the time. So going through clips and editing them defeats the purpose for a day off of the vlog. But thank you for your suggestion
Tiffani Mcvicker
Good morning brian!! Still not use to this 😩 but I only have today tomorrow and Wednesday and I head to you!!! I'm so excited to meet you on friday!
Tiffani Mcvicker
Tiffani Mcvicker 14 days ago
@MiamiNotorious just personal because I have been a subscriber for a whole and watched everything and talked to him a lot so we finally met and I also wanted to see the reptarium in person
MiamiNotorious 14 days ago
Omg.. I’m nosey. Very nosey. And a new subscriber. Why are you meeting him? Lol personal or professional? Like is it anything to do with animals is what I’d like to know
Tiffani Mcvicker
@Katherine I know I'm so excited. My big is pretty much packed tomorrow I will be doing my sons and Wednesday will be a double check of everything :) and than leaving at like midnight for the 12+ hour drive
Katherine Month ago
Yay Tiffani! I’m so excited for you 🧡🧡🧡 Happy early birthday chica! I hope I can get out there later this year. #ChatGangGoesToTheReptarium2021
Tiffani Mcvicker
@Brian Barczyk so will you be at the reptarium Friday night??
Anna Esselius
Anna Esselius Month ago
Amazing snake 😍🐍
Jackson Rodriguez
Jackson Rodriguez 29 days ago
Hello Anna Go and reply the email I sent you ?
Jackson Rodriguez
@Anna Esselius please let's just discuss this on private just get me a reply back on the mail I sent you just a brief about yourself, Just like the won I sent to you.
Jackson Rodriguez
@Anna Esselius oh I mean what is your job So where are you moving to?
Anna Esselius
Anna Esselius Month ago
@Jackson Rodriguez I don't understand that question.. but I'm moving on August 1st
Jackson Rodriguez
@Anna Esselius oh really what is the nature of your job
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